What is WorkKeys Systems?

WorkKeys is a job assessment system that tests employees skills and helps companies find the right employees. This system includes three 55-minute assessments testing applicants on in areas of applied math, reading for information and locating information. Those who score a certain level will receive a career readiness certificate signed by Gov. Brad Henry.

Scoring above certain levels will earn the applicant certain positions. Those scoring at level three or above on all three assessments receive a bronze certificate, four or above – silver, five or above – gold and six or above – platinum. WorkKeys was developed by the same company that created the ACT college entrance exam. If you’ve taken the ACT, the workKeys assessment will be familiar.

The Benefits of WorkKeys Systems

WorkKey systems help match the right job with the right employee. This concept helps to foster a healthier workplace and a more positive economic impact. Employees receive more job satisfaction, increased self-confidence, and more opportunities within the company. The employer then receives reduced turnover and training costs, increased productivity and happier employees.

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