Superstar Teams Series: Team Reboot

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Learn what makes a highly effective team, how a diverse group of individuals becomes top-performing, and tips to get your work team operating more like the superstars they have the potential to be. This four-part course can be tailored for your organization in order to meet your unique business objectives.

Session 3: Team Reboot
All teams struggle to maintain a high level of performance. The best teams quickly identify and address issues so they can re-establish their rhythm and move forward. Learn common pitfalls that threaten team performance and a practical approach to identifying and addressing them. Participants bring real-world team challenges and plan how to address the struggles and gaps the team faces.

– Understand common pitfalls that threaten team performance
– Learn a practical approach to addressing common pitfalls
– Identify gaps in current intact work teams
– Plan how to address work team gaps to increase performance

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