Metro Power Hour: Unleashing Innovation with Creative Problem Solving

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Years of education and experience often lead professionals to rely on a logical, analytical and strategic approach to business. If you fall in this category, you may be leery of taking a “creative” approach to any aspect of your work. You might think being creative is so abstract and haphazard that it will cause you to waste time you don’t have, only to leave you with non-practical results that don’t solve anything. Well, it’s time to think again. If you’ve been steering clear of utilizing creativity on the job, there’s a powerful tool you’ve been overlooking that promotes strategic and far-reaching innovation.

What Is The Creative Problem Solving Model? Is it brainstorming? Yes, that’s one of the steps, but it’s only a piece of the puzzle.

The Creative Problem Solving Model helps you create and sustain an innovative culture in your organization.

At the end of this program you will . . .

Understand the difference between Creative Leadership, Creative Management and Management and be able to determine the best time to use each.

Understand and be able to apply the Creative Problem Solving Model to resolve complex issues you face at work.

Understand how to increase the engagement of a variety of employees and teams and watch your solution pools grow with a variety of options.