Metro Power Hour: Managing Stress in the Workplace

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Stress is prevalent in every line of work and at every job level. It exacts an incredibly high price from employers and employees alike. Learn how to manage stress in the workplace at our next Metro Power Hour.

In honor of Mental Health Month in May, the Metro Tech Downtown Business Campus is partnering with Mental Health Association Oklahoma to explore ways to manage stress in the workplace.

Studies show that as a direct result of stress . . .

  • As much as $300 billion is lost each year in work productivity
  • Approximately 1 million employees miss work each day

Stress is also a killer, and not just from increased blood pressure. When on-the-job accidents occur, 60 percent to 80 percent of the time they’re the result of stress.

Managing Stress in the Workplace will help you to recognize on-the-job stress and understand how it impacts your work and the work of those you supervise. You’ll receive tips on managing stressors and learn strategies for reducing your work stress and that of the employees who report to you.

  • Understand what on-the-job stress is and how it impacts work
  • Learn tips for managing on-the-job stress
  • Walk-away with strategies for reducing workplace stress and the stress of those they supervise