Metro LEAD: It’s all about Me!

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Why LEAD? Research shows supervisors have the greatest single impact on employee satisfaction, engagement and performance. Even so, the importance of supervisors as leaders within
organizations is frequently underestimated… or even forgotten. Supervisors are often left to “figure it out,” and are seldom provided the training and development needed to reach their full potential as strong leaders. Metro LEAD can be the difference for you and your organization – with a high-quality leadership learning experience and affordable fee, it will give your business the knowledge and tools to strengthen your leadership and organizational performance.

It’s all about Me!
Session One: January 18
Leading starts with understanding who you are – your strengths, opportunities, values and tendencies. Knowing yourself brings clarity to what you are about and where you are headed. This sense of clarity draws people in and naturally motivates them to follow your lead. Learn about your natural interpersonal style – recognize its strengths and pitfalls – and how it can strongly influence how you get along with team members and colleagues. Understand why having a variety of styles on a team helps performance and how to interact strategically and successfully with those whose styles are different from your own.