Metro LEAD: Building a Leadership Legacy through Feedback and Delegation

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Why LEAD? Research shows supervisors have the greatest single impact on employee satisfaction, engagement and performance. Even so, the importance of supervisors as leaders within organizations is frequently underestimated… or even forgotten. Supervisors are often left to “figure it out,” and are seldom provided the training and development needed to reach their full potential as strong leaders. Metro LEAD can be the difference for you and your organization – with a high-quality leadership learning experience and affordable fee, it will give your business the knowledge and tools to strengthen your leadership and organizational performance.

Building a Leadership Legacy through
Feedback and Delegation
Session Five: May 2
When a leader thoughtfully develops his/her team, the benefits are numerous. Employee satisfaction and engagement increases, cross-training occurs, a people-focused culture emerges and a stronger new leadership pipeline is built. Feedback and delegation is fundamental to developing others into superstars. Discover how to provide feedback that is more likely to be heard and understood to improve performance. Learn why delegation is critical to success, why it is so often a challenge, and how to more intentionally determine what and how to delegate to maximize team performance.