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Overworked and missing deadlines?

Short-staffed with a hiring freeze preventing replacements?

Budgets tight?

Need to do more with less?

There is a better way to get more out of your existing resources without relying on new technology or a new investment. Apply Lean Thinking to your company and gain a competitive advantage.

The principles of Lean Thinking apply in office settings as well as on the factory floor. In this course, participants will learn the various forms of waste in administrative processes. The DBC uses an incredibly realistic, hands-on simulation to give each student practical experience in reducing or eliminating waste in a process.

Whether your business is a transaction based company or any office environment such as Materials Control, Purchasing, Accounting, Engineering, Sales or Planning, you can benefit from Lean techniques.

Course Content

  • Learn about and understand how to identify the eight forms of waste.
  • Learn and practice techniques for eliminating waste and improving performance.
  • Learn to identify flow in administrative processes.
  • Learn how to measure performance in a modern office.