Adobe After Effects CC 2015 — I & II

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Adobe After Effects CC
Five-day course combining levels I and II.
Level I deals with the After Effects workflow, creating a basic animation using effects and presets, animating text, working with shape layers, animating a multimedia presentation, animating layers, working with masks, distorting objects with the puppet tools, performing color correction, building 3D objects, using 3D features, working with the 3D camera tracker, advanced editing techniques, using the roto brush tool, rendering and outputting 354,
Level II delves into Advanced Animation — Manipulating keyframes to create more refined animations, Layer Control — Learning how to trim layers and enhance them using Blending Modes and effects, Creating Transparency — Using masks, mattes, and stencils to cut out portions of a layer, Type and Music — Animating text and working with music, essential skills in motion graphics design, Parenting and Nesting — Grouping layers to make them easier to coordinate, Expressions and Time Games — Using expressions and playing with time, 3D Space — Adding a new dimension to your animations, Advanced Track and Key — Tackle several essential skills for creating special effects and Exploring Paint and Brainstorm.