Executive & Leadership Coaching

A one-to-one relationship designed to support professional and personal development for individual
growth and performance. A non-directive process, the client may choose to work on many different
topics, which often include career transition, communication, performance management, group and
team growth and dynamics, work life balance, strategy thinking and conflict resolution.

Performance Coaching

A one-to-one directive process focused on specific performance improvement expectations as
determined by the sponsoring manager or organization. Performance Coaching is for high-potential
talent struggling with one or more competencies that are career limiting if not improved.

Group and Team Coaching

Group and Team Coaching focused on specific goals using the techniques of individual coaching and
adding the element of group synergy. Excellent for conflict resolution, team-building or business
challenges requiring innovative ideas and strategic planning. This process leverages the insights and
experiences of group members.

The DBC also offers custom topics and solutions based on your talent development needs.